A Personal Golfing Champion Will Always Help You To Develop Confidence In Your Game

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In Golf You Can Only Achieve If You Believe That You Can!

Welcome back! Today's tip is going to end with a question so look out for that. First, I need to tell you what the question is going to be about though so I'll start by saying it's to do with your confidence and confidence is such a big thing in golf - as I am sure you already know.

Now, having confidence in your own ability is fantastic and this isn’t only having self-assurance in your golfing ability that this applies to but to your life in general as well; whether it is confidence at work, confidence in being a good parent or partner or confidence in the way that you drive your car, it doesn’t matter which area of your life we are talking about if you have confidence you will always do a better job. Part of the reason why I write these articles is to help you with the mental side of your game and generally you can apply the same principles to any area of your life as well and so you build confidence exactly where you need it. But, everybody also needs a 'champion' as well.

This 'champion' is somebody in your life who really, really believes in your golfing ability. Someone who really believes in your golfing ability both now and the things that you are working towards being able to achieve in the future. EVERYBODY should have a champion it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or even a seasoned golf pro you need someone like this in your golfing life.

It doesn't matter who this champion is. It could be a golfing buddy, it could be a friend or your spouse, it could be your golf pro or even your mind coach (hmmm can you think of any great mind coaches...?). I threw that last one in there because I act as a champion for many people and firmly believe in their abilities to reach the goals that they have set in all areas of their lives not just golf and you need someone to be there for you and believe in you in the very same way.

Now as I'm sure you'll understand and see why, this person is especially important when you're going through a rough patch. You know when your game's going through a really rocky, shaky period and you start having those negative thoughts the ones that we've talked about before. Negative thoughts chirping away in your mind on and on and you just can't quieten them? Well, this is when it's good to have such a champion who is there to help boost your confidence and put it back to where it should be. That person who undoubtedly shares your dreams and knows what you're striving toward, what you're practising to achieve or where you're already heading thanks to the time and hard work you are putting in there.

With confidence you will always do a better job not only in golf but in every area of your life.

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Also, when are ready and able to take your golf to that next level of play, you will find this champion invaluable; for example, when you start entering competitions and tournaments. Basically the next level you've been preparing your game for and all of a sudden achieve - this is exactly when you need that champion just boosting you along, helping you to take that next step in a more comfortable manner.

Well, that was my little piece about confidence and champions, so here's the question!

‘Who is your champion going to be?’

Take a little while to think about who would be the best person to be your champion. It could be someone who knows a little bit about your golf game and personal temperament, where you strengths and weaknesses lie perhaps. Maybe someone you play with regularly or even a person that you don’t play with so they can help more objectively? No matter who it is, the single most important thing is that this person is able to lift you up when your game is on a downward slope.

See if you can go ahead and get them in place (if they're not already there) before I see you next time!

What else can You do?

See the comments below? Well tell me what’s the biggest challenge that you have in your mental game? Any insights into how you have improved your game or questions that you have about the mental side of your game will help me tailor my blog to suit your needs so I’d love to hear from you!

Also please share with your friends if you think that this blog and video have been useful and of course have an amazing week. Remember it takes action to make your life and golf tremendous.

Thanks for reading.

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