Anger Management on the Golf Course

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Temper Tantrums and Anger Issues on the Golf Course are never Pretty or Acceptable

OK, so what are we going to talk about this week?

Well, I'm going to tell you about a little email I received from a guy who's showing far too much negative emotion on the golf course and when he does something in his game that upsets him, he loses his temper. In fact, he has been known to lose it big time where he ends up swearing, cursing and has even be known to throw his golf clubs - not a pretty sight! He realises that his anger is affecting his game and it's making him very unhappy to the point where he's actually thinking about giving up playing before people stop playing golf with him - which I think is really, really sad especially if you've had a lot of enjoyment from the game before, it's a great shame to throw it away along with your golf clubs after a bad game or two.

So, let's examine this email at at a deeper level. In a way, some people mentally (and this is subconscious they're not doing it as a conscious act) try to show the world how passionate they are about golf. Therefore, if they do something that they consider less than perfect, they seemingly must make a big performance out of it. This is not nice! OK, it might be short-lived entertainment for the people you're playing with but they don't really like to witness this kind of heated emotions. At the first incident they might laugh and have a bit of a giggle, or say 'remember when you did this?' but if you do it repeatedly you'll find yourself at the back of the queue when it comes to deciding who they'd like to play with.

Simply put; if you make a mistake in your golf it is usually due to a step that you have missed out in the approach or execution of your shot.

Mistakes in golf are usually due to steps that you have missed out in the approach and execution of your shot

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It could be that you had poor focus and didn't concentrate on your shot. Maybe you were instead focusing on what the other guys were talking about, or focusing on your game last week, it could be that your mind was distracted by something that was happening at work, etc.

It might be that you were totally feeling the pressure of the game and if you're feeling that pressure in your tummy and it's talking to you in your head then again your focus is gone.

So a better strategy to use rather than beating yourself up and swearing is to actually pause for a moment, take a few deep cleansing breaths, feel yourself calming down with each breath you take and then start to put everything in perspective and think more clearly about your game. Yeah you just hit a poor shot, you are not the first golfer to do that and you certainly won’t be the last so what do you think it was the result of?

Was it your confidence?

Was it your focus?

Was it lack of a pre-shot routine?

Take a minute or two to do a quick mental check and thereby improve your on course thinking. If you do suffer from anger management on the golf course it would be worthwhile you reading a previous article that I wrote ‘Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect’.

OK, I hope that this has helped YOU! Don't forget, if you have a question about your golf that you'd like me to do a quick video on, leave a comment below it helps me ato know where you need help the most.

What else can You do?

See the comments below? Well tell me what’s the biggest challenge that you have in your mental game? Let us know about any insights into how you have improved your game or questions that you have about the mental side of your game, this will help me tailor my blog to suit your needs so I’d love to hear from you!

Also please share with your friends if you think that this blog and video have been useful and of course have an amazing week. Remember it takes ACTION to make your life and golf tremendous.

Thanks for reading.

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