How The Correct Body Posture Can Help You Play A Great Game Of Golf

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Hi everyone, it's so good to be back with another Golf Mental Tip for you and this one today is a really good one so pay attention ha-ha.

This time I want to talk to you about posture and the way that if affects your golf and believe me it affects you in ways that you probably haven't even noticed or considered. You may not believe it but your physical posture actually affects what is going on in your head and eventually your poor stance will create a poor 'mental attitude'.

Your physical posture will affect your mental attitude in golf

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Try this little exercise as an example of what I am talking about; when you next play golf and have just taken a shot, one that you are less than pleased with. As you amble along to the ball for a subsequent hit, please don't walk with your head hanging down pulling your trolley forlornly behind you as you stare at the floor. Trust me in this because I see it every time I step out onto a golf course and it makes me so frustrated because I know the consequences of these actions.

Why you should hold your head high between golf shots

Here is the reason why you should never drop your head. As soon as you lower your head and look at the ground instead of holding your head high and looking at what's in front of you, you start directing and holding your thoughts deep inside yourself. Thoughts that are negative build up and unfortunately often become quite damaging to your game as a result. It is a fact that body language has a big effect on how we feel and act and if you hold this downward posture you will almost definitely start dwelling on your poor shot, nit-picking at the flaws in your game and maybe even feeling really down on the game in general. What's more you will start dwelling on all the things that are not going so well in your life as well e.g. you had an argument with your partner, work is difficult at the moment, your teenage daughter treats you with little respect or life just seems to be unfair, etc. etc. all these things will add to your poor golf shot and make you feel very negative and depressed.

Please don't go there!

Even if you're not feeling brilliant or playing your best, bring your head up, bring your chin up and look toward the horizon and actually enjoy the beautiful walk around the golf course. Look at the flowers. Look at the trees. Take time to enjoy the environment and by doing this you'll soon take yourself 'outside' of yourself. After all, you're meant to be there to enjoy the game and it is only one or two poor shots you have made and as I advised in a previous blog post give yourself a ‘mistake allowance’ (you can read it here). Also, by bringing your head up, breathing deeply and looking at everything around you, you are actually going to relax much more. If you relax between the shots, you'll then benefit from a deeper concentration and a more intense focusing ability when you come to take the next one.

It also stands to reason that if you're looking at your feet the whole way round then you're not evaluating the course, beginning to plan out your next shot, nor are you being much company to your playing partner or even keeping an eye out for your ball!

Remember, how you carry yourself on the course will directly translate into how you perform on the course. If you want to enjoy a great game of golf and play your best, walk along with an upright posture and turn it into a positive mental posture in turn.

So I hope that's given you something to think about (but not over-think) before your next round. Please remember to like and subscribe so I can bring you lots more Golf Mental Tips in the near future!

What else can You do?

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