Why drinking water will improve your golf game

golfer golf man having meltdown in bunker frustration

Hello and welcome once again to this week’s golf tip which will definitely help you to improve your mental game.

We have been enjoying a lovely spell of warm sunshine in the UK this week and hopefully you're also enjoying some good weather in your part of the world, so this would seem like an appropriate time for me to tell you why you should be drinking plenty of fluids before and also during your game of golf and why it's important to drink plenty no matter what the weather is like.

Simply put; your brain is able to function at full capacity when it is hydrated and so you will play a better game of golf.

What many people may not know is that by the time you actually feel thirsty your body is already dehydration and pretty soon you'll start making poor golfing decisions.

When I say 'drink fluids' you might be thinking 'Oh yes this doesn’t affect me as I always have a quick cup of tea, coffee or a Coca-Cola whilst I'm playing a round'. Don't make this mistake – these drinks contain caffeine and will give you a really good short term high and keep you awake long enough to watch a late night match on television but it won't get you to the level of hydration required for a great game of golf. You'll get the energy kick from the caffeine that will get you off the tee but about four holes in your energy levels will start to drop, so bear this in mind and drink enough water before and during the round in order to keep your mind and body properly hydrated.

golfer golf man having meltdown in bunker frustration

Dehydration not only affects your brain and thought process but also the physical mechanics of your game - such as your golf swing itself. One study by Loughborough University demonstrated that just a 5% drop in water levels can cause 25-30% loss in energy levels. What's more, their experiments showed that even a 3% drop in water levels can cause 'fuzzy thinking' and brain fog, neither of which will help you decide which shot to play or the line for your next putt.

Depending on your age you may also be interested to learn that our bodies ability to hold water in reserve also decreases the older we get, this coupled with a decline in our body's natural dehydration 'alert system' makes it doubly important to keep ourselves topped up with water if you...let's say...have more experience of life!

There's also evidence that being dehydrated on the golf course can increase your chance of picking up an injury. So don't miss out on a summer of golf due to injury just because you didn't do something as simple as remembering to take and drink plenty of water - will you? Get yourself a decent water bottle that you can clip on your golf bag and refill on the course if necessary.

There's evidence that being dehydrated on the golf course can increase your chance of injury.

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One more thing (and I bet you knew this was coming) don't have an alcoholic drink half-way around as it will have an adverse effect on your game - save that great and much deserved cold beer for the end of the match or round.OK, that's your tip for this week, I hope you enjoyed it and will incorporate it into your golf games in the future. Enjoy the sunshine and I'll see you again next week for another great Golf Mental Tip!

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