Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Play A Better Game Of Golf

Play A Better Game Of Golf

Don't trust your comfort zone!

Your comfort zone tricks you into believing that it is always the best place to be but when it comes to golf there is a need to challenge yourself and your ability. If you stay in your comfort zone you will repeat all your habits the bad ones as well as the good ones because you don’t notice them and continue performing them unquestioningly game in - game out, week in – week out, month in – month out you get the idea? These habits don’t cause you any stress and with them in tow you don’t have to take any risks but you need a little stress, a little bit of controlled pressure to get your adrenaline pumping and so improve your game.

It is a great achievement to harness the power of learning to be comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable but still in control because you have chosen to step into the zone that is outside of your comfort, this works with life in general as well as your game.

If you never push yourself by learning and trying new things and techniques in your game then you will always stay in your usual scoring range because in your mind you have set a declaration of your golfing ability. This situation will prevent you from performing at a higher level and so I am sorry to say but you will never become a first class golfer.

People who play a great game of golf got there by stretching their abilities

they certainly didn’t just learn the basics of the game, have a few lessons at the start and then join a club and just turn up and play every week. To become a good golfer they had to step out of their comfort zone many, many times. They watched how other players played, they had lessons to improve various aspects of their game, they challenged themselves with new process goals and they practiced wisely not aimlessly just shooting a bucket of balls on the range, the result of all this work is - what was once outside of their comfort zone became part of it.

Next time you play remember this

Great golf begins outside of your comfort zone

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Playing outside of your comfort zone is never as scary as it may seem at first, don’t try changing too many things at once but just introduce one new element to your game at a time.

Here are a few suggestions that will challenge you and help widen your comfort zone:

  • Playing with a new group of golfers especially those who play better than you
  • Playing on different courses
  • Trying a new golf or 'mental game' technique
  • Setting yourself process goals and focusing on them instead of your score

These are just a few suggestions that will push you out of that comfort zone so that your game can start to improve instead of becoming stagnant and boring.

What else can You do?

See the comments below? Well tell me what’s the biggest challenge that you have in your mental game? Any insights into how you have improved your game or questions that you have about the mental side of your game will help me tailor my blog to suit your needs so I’d love to hear from you!

Also please share with your friends if you think that this blog and video have been useful and of course have an amazing week. Remember it takes action to make your life and golf tremendous.

Thanks for reading.

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