‘Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect’ A Great Quote From Bob Rotella

Golf is not a game of perfect golfer doesn't understand

Give yourself permission to make golfing mistakes

'Golf is not a game of perfect'. Have you ever heard that saying? It was said by the great Bob Rotella, who certainly knows a thing or two about the psychology or mental aspect of golf as he is undoubtedly one of the world’s top sports psychologists. Anyway ‘golf is not a game of perfect’ is one of his foremost sayings and I believe it to be at least 110% correct! So today I am going to examine the saying and what it means, then you can think it over in future especially when you are having a tough game.

'Golf is not a game of perfect' is a mantra that you should say and think about whenever you a play a round of golf because it doesn't matter how much you hope and pray for a perfect round or if you don't have a perfect round  this time then hopefully the next game you play will be perfect - guess what? The next time out is not going to be your perfect game either. In fact, how about I take this opportunity to break it to you gently you will NEVER have a perfect game of golf – nobody does, not even the pros, there is always something that you could have done a little bit better.

It doesn't matter which golfer you favor or follow, I'm sure you will have seen them make mistakes. It's simply the nature of the game and some might argue, part of the appeal in a funny sort of way!

So instead of getting upset or derailed the next time you hit one into the water hazard, slice out of bounds or putt wildly past the hole, I want you to stop and remember that during your game you are bound to make mistakes not only bound to make mistakes you actually are allowed and expected to make mistakes. How does that sound?

The key is to not attach emotions to your error(s) and instead move past it right away and go forward with the rest of your round in a calm, confident manner. Trust me, if you can do this then not only will you enjoy the game more, but you will play a lot better as well.

Here is a tip; if you're one of the people who really do get anxious and wound up or you often feel yourself going tense when you've made a golfing boo boo, don't let that negative self-talk swirl around in your head. Allow yourself five mistakes per round, or seven, or even ten if that's how many you would normally make – give yourself permission to make mistakes.

It doesn't matter how many free mistakes you allow yourself as long as when you make one you instantly say to yourself 'Oh yeah, I'll simply write that off to one of my allowance'.

If you give yourself permission to make mistakes your golf will improve!

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I've lost count of the amount of rounds of golf that I have seen spoiled after only one or two mistakes, games that could have been wildly different and more successful if only the player had decided to cast off their little hiccup. How much better would it have been (for everyone involved) if they'd simply allocated it to their allowance? Not only would they have been able to focus on the next shot better but their overall enjoyment of that round would have been much greater too.

It's all about giving yourself a little bit of wiggle room. Don't be so hard on yourself AND if you're not hard on yourself, you'll find your game improves as a result. None of us play our best when we're thinking about the last shot, but we all certainly play better when we're only thinking about the THIS shot!

What else can You do?

See the comments below? Well tell me what’s the biggest challenge that you have in your mental game? Any insights into how you have improved your game or questions that you have about the mental side of your game will help me tailor my blog to suit your needs so I’d love to hear from you!

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